Born and raised in a small russian town called 'Moscow', I am now exploring Berlin's roads with my camera.

May I introduce myself - My name is Maxim and I am BerlinRichStreets.

I always was a petrolhead. Like the funny little story my mother once told me:
At the age of two I had a cute little toy helicopter. A colorful and unproportional plastic helicopter. It had wheels and a rotor, which rotated by rolling the wheels. My mother still remembers, how I played with it like it was a car. I never flew it around, I just drove this thing on my road carpet.

Funny enough, I can't really remember NOT having played with cars. It is a passion from day one, and I can't imagine to live somewhere without an access to a road.

At the age of eleven, which was the 23rd of August 2007 to be exact, my father took me into the city with the words "you will like the place". This place was the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, which I am still visiting today. Equipped with my mom's 2,2 MP Nokia, I took the first 'spots' of my life. Unfortunately I don't have the pictures anymore, but I still remember which cars it were.

All started with a Grigio Telesto Lamborghini Gallardo LP530 Superleggera. B-GT748 was the exact plate. Like the day was not epic enough, ten minutes later a white McLaren SLR Roadster arrived and parked right infront of the Lambo. This was like heaven for me!

This day was the beginning of a story which still continues. During the last years many things happened - I met many new people, visited many events, was on vacations in different cities and saw amazing and unique cars!

That's the rough backstory of my, admitedly, little weird hobby, but according to your amazing feedback over the last years I can be sure I am not alone with it!

Feel free to check out the page from time to time, I am always on the run to deliver the best and most exlusive cars on tape for you.

If you guys got any questions you think you need to know - feel free to use the contact tab!